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Laptop Buying Guide | Buy the Best Laptop in Nepal

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Buying a new laptop is a puzzling task since there are different kinds of laptops available in the market ranging from moderate cost to high cost. You have to consider all the necessary features you need, to buy the best laptop. Here in this blog, we present you all the guidance to best buy laptops. There are numerous laptop brands and their specification also varies from best laptop for work to best laptop for home. For your ease and guidance, Yantra Nepal is always available to find you the best laptop with the best features for your requirements. For more details and information, reach out to us at

How to Choose the Best Laptop in Nepal Guide

  • Operating System
  • Processor
  • Laptop Display Size
  • RAM
  • Storage Space
  • Graphics
  • USB ports

  • Operating System

There are three operating systems available Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS. Windows 10, and 11 laptops, and MacBooks offer plenty of functionality than ChromeBooks. Chromebooks are ideal for kids and students. The most common Operating System is Windows 11 which runs on more laptop models. MacBooks have a slightly different interface consisting of an Apps dock at the bottom of the screen Microsoft’s Start Menu and a taskbar. MacBook users get Siri as an assistant instead of Cortana digital assistant of Windows.

Moreover, Windows is the best choice if you need to use Microsoft apps like MS Office, Access, or Outlook. Also, macOS is considered a bit more beginner-friendly but the buying options are limited to MacBooks. Since Apple uses its chips. Budget-wise, Windows is cheaper than MacOS.

  • Processor

The recent popular processor brands in Nepal are Intel and Ryzen. The processor brands differ in generation, number of Cores, date of release, and threads. All these factors have impacts on the processing of laptops. Advanced laptop users choose Intel i7 or Ryzen i7 or above. However, Intel Core i5 and Ryzen i5 are best suitable for mid-level users. They are enough to run coding, and simple graphics on a laptop. It is recommended to buy a laptop above 10th gen for better performance. Don’t hurry up to buy a laptop i3, nowadays it is used less and doesn’t support all kinds of software.

Apple M1 and M2 have high raw performance and endurance. Content creation and programming are best in the custom silicon of Apple. But if you have a limited budget and are looking for a laptop that is suitable for normal work then Intel i5 and Ryzen i5 might be suitable for you.

  • Laptop Display Size

Quality of display, size of the display, Resolution, and sensitivity are the important parameters of laptop display. The majority of window laptop displays are 16:9 wider and MacBook displays are 16:10. You need to buy a laptop having at least 1920*1080 resolution or pixel range to make yourself comfortable.

If you need to code then buy a laptop having a bit larger screen but make sure that it is portable to carry. Metal outlet laptops are more in use nowadays. For a graphic designer, buy a laptop with a touchscreen display and a higher resolution. Anti-glare displays don’t allow reflection and help to reduce the strain on the eyes.

  • RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to hold data. If your RAM runs out of storage then your laptop will freeze up and you will not be able to perform operations like browsing, compiling, etc. Some laptops allow upgrading RAM where you can customize RAM on your own.

8 GB of RAM is plenty for average Windows users. If you are looking for higher GB RAM for better performance, 16 GB to 32 GB RAM is far enough for you to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Chromebooks generally get by with 4 GB of RAM. You can also upgrade it up to 8 GB. It is necessary to check out the speed, types, and details about the RAM and whether it fits your requirements or not.

  • Storage Space

Hard drives and SSD (Solid-State Drive) are majorly used as storage devices. It is better to have high storage space in a laptop. Only the hard drive used to be a storage space in previous days. However, with the advancement in technology, SSDs have become more popular. SSD also facilitates fast operation on laptops. Hard drives offer huge storage sizes at a reasonable price. However, SSD provides smooth booting and multitasking facilities. SSDs are available in most of the latest laptops.

A laptop should possess at least 256 GB of SSD for better performance and fast processing. Nowadays, while buying a laptop you should consider buying laptops having SSD. SSD provides more facilities than a Hard disk drive offered.

  • Graphics

Intel’s Iris Xe graphics (Integrated Graphics Chip) is fine if you are a normal computer user who does not play PC games, create 3D objects, or do higher-level video editing. To perform higher-level tasks, it is necessary to have a graphic processor from Nvidia or AMD.

Low-end gaming or workstation systems today usually have Nvidia GTX RTX A1000 or RTX 3050 Ti GPUs while mid-range models have RTX 4050 or RTX 4050 Ti and high-end models have RTX 4070 or above chips. 

  • USB ports

Ports help to connect to other peripheral devices and are necessary to charge. Nowadays USB Type-C port is available in many laptops. The USB Type C offers better functionality and docking stations that can provide you with any combination of ports you might need.

In addition, Thunderbolt 4, or USB 3.0 ports, an audio jack, an SD card reader, and HDMI ports are useful in many aspects. But these ports might not be available in all today’s laptops. If you need laptops having all the ports, ask the seller to recommend the best laptops to you with all the ports available.

Conclusion: Buy the Best Laptop in Nepal

In addition to all the above-mentioned points, make sure to check out about keyboard and touchpad/ trackpad performance, the outlook of the laptop, and interior functionality. Also, visit our website to buy the best laptop. Yantra Nepal has emerged as a top laptop seller site and is successfully growing its market.

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